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Bandana Bibs

Bandana Bibs

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These baby bandana bibs are made of 100% soft and absorbent organic cotton on the front and polyester fleece on the back for added absorbency. The teething bibs keep your baby dry, protect your teething baby free from rash and no more drool rings on your baby clothes.

Color: Blue airplane triangle, pink rabbit triangle, yellow bear triangle, car triangle, monkey triangle, forest animal triangle, giraffe triangle, princess triangle, marine world triangle, lion triangle, puppy triangle, star triangle, elephant triangle, small Tree triangle, love triangle, mushroom triangle, cherry triangle, leaf triangle, five-pointed triangle, cloud triangle, green leaf triangle, letter triangle, triangle (style random), traffic light triangle, strawberry triangle, red triangle, white rabbit triangle, KELL triangle ,, footprints, triangles, ice cream triangles, seaweed triangles, blue sky triangles, floral triangles, small red triangles, small raccoon triangles, BABY triangles, green Trojans, red Trojans
Product category: Triangle towel
Material: Cotton

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1pcs * Baby Bib

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